From there to here


I’ve spent four years of writing and reflecting on my learning process in the Instructional Design and Development PhD program, I’m now a Doctoral candidate.  From here on it’s all dissertation!  On this blog I’ll be writing about the research process, academic workflows, and the tools I use and the tools I try out for the dissertation process.  Achieving the goal of doctor of philosophy includes managing time, resources, and administrative and academic tasks.  I’ll use this newly designed blog to write about all of these topics.  I hope others will find my posts useful as either a cautionary tale or advice on accomplishing academic processes.


One thought on “From there to here

  1. Wow, you have an amazing undertaking you are partaking in, but the effort put in will definitely pay off. As most things in life, you get what you give. I look forward to your future blogs with the information you have accumulated about the process of acquiring a doctorate. There is nothing better than the words of experience. I often struggle with whether or not I should later pursue a doctorate, so your “cautionary tale or advice” will be most helpful. I hope you are well and stress free!

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